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Important! New Digital Learning System "ee-class"

1. Please log in using your NCU portal account and password (or log in to Portal > Adm. Service > Services for Academic Affairs > New ee-class).

2. Update your frequently-used personal email: Log in > Click on your account name > User Profile > Basic Information > Edit.

3. Configure teaching assistant permissions: Log in > Class > Manage > Course Settings > Others > Teaching Assistant.

4. instructions on the operation:

    (Teachers) Instructional video: https://reurl.cc/eO1OgW; password: sWGMM29i

    (Teachers/students) Operating manuals in both Chinese and English: https://reurl.cc/7y7oAQ

5. Application for EverCam computer screen recording software: https://reurl.cc/KxbMyg

6. The old digital learning systems (LMS and old ee) were discontinued on July 31, 2022.

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Useful Online Course Toolkit–Synchronous and Asynchronous Teaching Recording Tools

Synchronous tool Google Meet and asynchronous tool EverCam, combined with the ee-class digital learning platform, provide remote teaching assistance tools for instructors and TAs.

1. Online Instructions: http://pdc.adm.ncu.edu.tw/CDVID/2020/

2. Material Downloads: https://reurl.cc/140ZZm

3. Application for Computer Screen Recording Software:

    a) Office Mix (Windows compatible; free): https://reurl.cc/3a05ZX

    b) EverCam (Windows compatible; for instructor use only): https://reurl.cc/KxbMyg

    c) QuickTime (MacOS compatible; free): https://support.apple.com/zh-tw/HT208721

4. Please save recorded videos as mp4 files for online viewing on mobile devices and tablets

    (using EverCam or QuickTime for recording and uploading to ee-class will automatically

    convert the file).

5. For uploading to the ee-class system, the single file size limit is 2 GB.

    a) Please use 720p video quality (approximately 1 GB for 50 minutes) and segment

        your recordings.

    b) We recommend storing files in cloud storage first and then sharing links (via the

        ee-class system).

6. For adjustments to the authorization of online synchronous teaching tools (such as

    Google Meet, Webex Meetings, etc.), please refer to the instructions at https://reurl.cc/GmZMEZ.

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Important Reminder! If the Test of the Course Has the Setting "Prohibit Window Switching…"

1. Before the test, students need to ensure the following computer settings:

    (1) Use a computer exclusively for the test (built-in functions on phones and tablets

         may interfere with system detection).

    (2) Disable computer notifications (including LINE, Facebook, and other communication software). 

          Instructions: https://reurl.cc/W3Gvk5

    (3) Disable power-saving mode (including screen savers and sleep settings).

         Instructions: https://reurl.cc/QL5jL9

2. During the test, please avoid the following actions:

    (1) Do not use keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + F or any shortcuts that bring up 

         computer tools during the test.

    (2) Do not click anywhere outside the test interface (e.g., the address bar,

         browser, or operating system toolbar)."

Self-directed Learning–Welcome to take the courses of NCUx Digital Program.

For a rich variety of online content, please register on the website of the NCUx Digital Program.

Link: https://ncuxms.ncu.edu.tw/

How to attend the course: After accessing the platform of NCUx Digital Program, simply log in with your NCU Portal account and passwords and enroll in courses to start viewing. Please note that these courses do not offer course credits.

Must Watch! Latest Version—Copyright Q&A Online Instructions

When recording course content, please obtain the necessary authorization per the Guidelines for Uploading Internet Content.

When incorporating the copyrighted works of others into the course content of your online or offline courses, please strictly follow the Guidelines for Uploading Internet Content in Teacher's Guide on Copyright provided by the Intellectual Property Office and obtain proper authorization per the regulations."

Latest Version—Copyright Q&A Online Instructions

While using the system, please respecting and protecting copyrights and do not infringe on the rights of others. For related information about copyright advocacy, please refer to : https://www.tipo.gov.tw/en/mp-2.html

Publicity for Intellectual Property Rights
Please respect the intellectual property right, and use authorized textbooks. Book piracy is not allowed. Usage past its expiration date, usage of teaching materials without acquiring legal authorization, and public transmission and usage of the trial version of teaching materials all constitute the violation of authors’ copyright. Those who violate authors’ copyright will be faced with criminal responsibility, be sentenced to short-term imprisonment, and be assessed a fine. Please do not violate the law.
The Campus Copyright Treasure Box provides faculty and students with information on the reasonable use of copyright: Link