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[Important] New Digital Learning System "ee-class"

User Instructions

  1. Login: Please log in using your NCU portal account credentials (or log in through Portal > Administrative Affairs > Academic Services > New ee-class).
  2. Storage Capacity: Each course has a storage limit of 8GB, with a single file upload limit of 2GB. It is recommended to use cloud storage for video files.
  3. Data Retention Period: Course data will be retained for five academic years and will be deleted in the subsequent academic year. Please back up your data accordingly (e.g., data from courses in the 109th academic year will be deleted in the 114th academic year).

Operation Instructions

  1. Update Personal Email: Log in > Name > Personal Information > Basic Information.
  2. Set Teaching Assistant Permissions: Log in > Class > Manage > Course Settings > Others > Teaching Assistant.
  3. Apply for EverCam Screen Recording Software (Priority for Teaching): Apply here: https://reurl.cc/qVX6MR
  4. User Guides:
Publicity for Intellectual Property Rights
Please respect the intellectual property right, and use authorized textbooks. Book piracy is not allowed. Usage past its expiration date, usage of teaching materials without acquiring legal authorization, and public transmission and usage of the trial version of teaching materials all constitute the violation of authors’ copyright. Those who violate authors’ copyright will be faced with criminal responsibility, be sentenced to short-term imprisonment, and be assessed a fine. Please do not violate the law.
The Campus Copyright Treasure Box provides faculty and students with information on the reasonable use of copyright: Link