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[IMPORTANT notification] New ee-class online learning system
1. New ee-class online learning system
a) account and code are as same as NCU ortal (portal way: Adm. service 
     services for academic affairs>new ee-class system)
b) (teacher)How to set up TA permissions: log in >course >management
     >course settings>others >Teaching assistant
c) PLEASE update personal e-mail: log in > name >personal information >user
     profile >edit email Notifications
d) Useful package(online exam/attendanceenglish manual)
e) Education training(first level 9/10advance 9/1510/29) activity website:
f) Course recording and Q&A: https://reurl.cc/xE0nyb
2. old ee-classold LMS system only for data searching. Please backup by yourself.
    (discontinue on 110/0731)
[USEFUL package for online courses] Recording tools for live streaming and Non-live streaming

Live streaming ,”GOOGLE MEET” and Non-live streaming ”EVER CAM” with ee-class learning system are provided to teachers and TAs for distance teaching.

  1. Online learning: http://pdc.adm.ncu.edu.tw/CDVID/2020/
  2. Download teaching materials: https://reurl.cc/140ZZm
  3. Apply for recording computer screen: 
    a) Office Mix (Windows is applicable and free)  https://reurl.cc/3a05ZX
    b) EverCam (Windows is applicable, ONLY for teaching) https://reurl.cc/KxbMyg
    c) QuickTime (MacOS is applicable and free) https://support.apple.com/zh-tw/HT208721
  4. Save video as mp4 for online watching by cell phone and pad.(Recording by EverCam or Quick Time ,it will convert automatically.)
  5. Uploading on ee-class, per data is limited 2GB.
  6. Recording by 720p(50minutes about 1GB)and take part of it.
  7. Suggest saving data in cloud space and share links(to ee-class system).
  8. Live streaming tools(Google Meetwebex meetings and so on),adjust to get authorization. Refer to:https://reurl.cc/GmZMEZ
Please get authorization according to ”Notification about uploading teaching materials ” to record courses.

Online courses or not, please according to ”Notification about  uploading teaching materials ”get authorization. https://topic.tipo.gov.tw/copyright-tw/cp-415-855924-5dd9b-301.html

Copyright advocacy
Please respect the intellectual property right, and use authorized textbooks. Book piracy is not allowed. 
Usage past its expiration date, usage of teaching materials without acquiring legal authorization, and public transmission and usage of the trial version of teaching materials all constitute the violation of authors’ copyright. Those who violate authors’ copyright will be faced with criminal responsibility, be sentenced to short-term imprisonment, and be assessed a fine. Please do not violate the law.